About Us

Who We Are

NIFESH Global Limited, a sole Nigerian Company was incorporated in March 2019 for providing first class Projects and services in the fields of engineering services and consultancy, refrigeration system solutions(HVAC), equipment maintenance and repair, electrical installation and services, CIP, ETP and WT processes. The company is driven by a group of highly trained, experienced, self-motivated and very dynamic Professionals equipped to handle various categories of projects in Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering services. We are a building services company, passionate about customer satisfaction, best practices and standards compliance.

To be the global projects company for preferred and trusted solutions in businesses

We are committed to follow innovative, Environmental friendly and safe practices in creating significant values for all stake holders and our society at large, through highest quality and cost effective engineering design and services.

  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Creation of sustainable stakeholder value
  • Professionalism
  • Prompt and Timely service delivery

Why Choose Us

Human-centered Designs

Our approach towards our projects allows you to have the highest form of comfort and inevitably increased productivity

Possession of Key Relationships

Over the years, we have been able to build key relationships in the industry such that the best is made available to you at the best Prices

Fast-paced Delivery

In addition to our already existent relationships, we possess well trained and highly motivated individuals who are ready to take on your project with full force such that delivery is fast. We pride ourselves so much in this.

Cost Effectiveness

We understand our clients’ needs to make profit or cut costs. Whatever it may be, we always do our very best to work within the stipulated budget

Our Clients